About Us

Who we are ?

About Us

Starting from late 2016, robolab works as teaching and training company specialised in STEM fields, relaying on technological solution we aim to develop interactive tools suitable for use in schools, training center, and within the family environment enabling both learning and entertainment at the same time
Threw our experience gained by direct engagement during our training sessions with kids from different cultural backgrounds and ages, we started building an educational toy to boost math skills and easing the process of calculations learning.

Vission & Mission

Our Vision:

We think that a wider section of children and students should have access to better learning means, including the use of interactive tools and practical training methods.

We seek to expand the use of technology in daily life solutions, and we try to exploit engineering and good design to solve community problems.


Our mission:

  • Provide easy access to learning tools and platforms
  • Allow young people to get in touch with electronics and robotics solutions
  • Simplify technical and specialized skills for base level trainees
  • Support and assist innovative projects