What İs Matty ?


Compact, simple functionality

Matty consists of nine rotatable rings (eight for numbers and one for the calculation symbol) with distinctive colors that can be positioned to make basic calculations of adding subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers. It is enhanced by electronic buttons, flashing lights and a speaker to maximize interactivity. Overall dimensions are a trim 180x55x60mm (7x2.2x2,4 in) for easy manipulation.

A mechanical locking system assures perfect horizontal alignment of all the eight numbers. Each number, and its Braille equivalent, emits a distinctive sound that helps the child to make the right choice.

The joy of getting it right

Once the child selects the numbers and desired calculation (+, -, x, ÷) on the appropriate rings, they then enter their assumed answer on the last four rings. Press the equals sign (=), and Matty comes alive with lights and a clear audio message that announces whether the answer is correct or not. If correct, the child gets a green light and a simulated voice that says, “The result is correct. Congratulations”! If wrong, a red light pops on and the message encourages the child to try again.

Playing with a purpose

This is the current buzzword for educational toys, and Matty certainly fits the bill. It is both an educational and highly entertaining toy that can be used in the home with parental guidance, the school with a teachers’ oversight, and for therapeutic reasons by child psychologists.

Parental feedback loop

Matty has a built-in parental feedback button that provides an audio report of the child’s performance and makes recommendations for improvements. This is a great way for parents or teachers to keep on top of a child’s progress and help them to get better. A smartphone/Bluetooth interphase allows changes in the level of difficulty, volume, and choice of language.

A notch above the competition

The designers of Matty studied similar competitive toys like the Vertical Abacus, numbered blocks, and a broad variety of other educational toys related to math. The Matty team incorporated the positive features and eliminated the negative ones. Because all the functions are integrated into one sturdy whole there are no small pieces to be scattered and lost. The combination of mechanical and high-end electronic components with a stunning variety of colors, lights and sounds keeps the child engaged at all times. The modernistic, rounded exterior gives it a unique appearance and provides an attractive, new experience.

Screen relief

Computer, iPad and smartphone screens have an obsessive influence on children that may cause them harm. These devices often attenuate creativity, contribute to hyperactivity, negatively impact sleep and rest periods, encourage a sedentary lifestyle that may lead to obesity, expose the child to cyber bullying, and limit social interaction with others. Matty provides a refreshing break from the toxic screen.

Safety and security

In the design of toys nothing trumps security. Matty is guaranteed to be non-toxic, non-allergic, hygienic, and injury free. You never have to worry about leaving your child alone to play and learn with Matty.